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Drain Tile Systems for Basements & Crawl spaces

Different problems call for different tools to fix them. In the same way that we wouldn’t use a hammer to pound in a screw, we wouldn’t use generic piping to waterproof a basement.


Why Us?

At Basement Waterstoppers, we have the drainage solution you need to be insured you turn your crawl space or basement into a dry, usable space. the certified, experienced, contractors at our company install specialized basement drain systems that we customize for your unique problem — no matter what that problem may be. For a free basement waterproofing quote, call or e-mail our company today! Our professionals take 1-2 days to install your system.
Basement Waterstoppers provides drain installation by trained, licensed, specialists at an affordable price to the Chicagoland metropolitan area.

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Cove (or cold) Joint Seepage

Cove Joints are a typical place to get basement seepage. The reason for is that Cove Joints are a type of cold joint between different pours of concrete. This means that the area is not waterproofed and can let water through when under pressure. Fortunately, there is a reliable and warrantied system we can install that will prevent this from ever leaking again.


Purpose of a Drain Tile System

The purpose of a drain tile system is to collect water around your foundation through an installed system of channel drains. (made from PVC pipe with weep holes, maintenance free and clog free) Running along adjacent to your footing underneath your slab floor. Once the water is collected into the drain tile system using gravity flow to pitch toward an existing or new pit. The sump pump will discharge the water and pump it away from your home. In addition to a drain tile system, we will also use in some cases a wall-liner system to collect water seeping down the foundation wall. This will ensure a dry basement at all times. This system will prevent water from seeping into your homes basement. Ensuring a dry basement, especially during heavy rain storms, when you need it most.