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Basement Waterstoppers is a full-service foundation repair and waterproofing company. We offer all methods available on the market today, including exterior and/or interior solutions!
The first step to eliminating these problems is to determine the cause(s), and customize a system that will provide you the best solution at the best price! Most contractors will attempt to fit “their” solution to whatever problem they may find. Basement Waterstoppers offers all solutions, so our experts will look at all options, and together, we will determine what is best to accomplish your goals.

Our exclusive waterproofing products range from drainage, to downspouts, to exterior wall sealant & insulation, to sump systems of all kinds, to basement air systems, to wall & floor covering, and much, much more!

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Modern waterproofing systems deal with sustainable architecture by a dual course of action on its application to the source. Various and specific coats with certain proportions of chemicals allows the process to multitask, with ease. The parallel effect of energy conservation occurs because of the use of materials involved in the process. This largely includes the coats on the external walls and floors, which cuts down the heat flow into the building thereby reducing the load on improving the indoor air quality and air conditioning of a space. Waterproofing systems can also be stated as “structural protection and rehabilitation’ or “renewable engineering”, because of its multi-action ability and importance. Waterproofing is not only a major part of procedure of building construction but also hold the dignity in grading a site. (Grading here refers broadly to identification, control and improving the land for proper construction). Therefore, a waterproofing system is technically applicable not only to the building envelope as a whole, but also on the specific parts of a structure.


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